How to add Buy Now button for your tracks using WooCommerce

Here at Sonaar, we love WooCommerce. We have an option to add Buy Now or Add to Cart buttons for each of your tracks. Here a quick way to use this feature:

1) Install and Activate MP3 Audio Player Pro by Sonaar as well as WooCommerce plugin

2) Create a WooCommerce product with your downloadable product (usually your full album or full track version) and save it.

3) If you have not created a new playlist yet, create one

4) Edit your tracklist. You can now add your Add to Cart or Buy Now button with the corresponding WooCommerce product URL. 

For Add-to-Cart button, use the link:


For Buy Now button and direct checkout, use the link:


Where XXXX is your WooCommerce product ID that you'll find in WP-Admin > Product by hover the product item.

You can also redirect people to the WooCommerce product page by using the link URL of your Woocommerce product. 

* If you want to add a player directly into woocommerce product without creating a playlist first, read this.

* More info on how to display the player on your website here