Supported Audio Streaming Providers

You can play audio files that are hosted either on your own server or on external and streaming servers. We support a lot of them, but some providers have restrictions. 

We have tested all of the following:

- Local .MP3 file
- Local .M4A file
- Icecast
- Libsyn
- Stitcher
- Shoutcast
- Acast
- Amazon S3
- FMStream.org- Podbean
- SoundCloud Podcasts
- Buzzsprout
- Simplecast
- Spreaker
- Audioboom
- CastBox
- Pippa.io
- Anchor
- Cloudup
- Google Drive / Dropbox (not recommended because it's very slow to load because of their security and permission checks)

You cannot stream directly from the services below:
x Spotify
x SoundCloud Music
x Apple Podcast
x Google Podcast
x YouTube
x MixCloud

We also support a lot of other providers that are not listed here but we have not tested all of them. If you have a provider that is not listed here and is supported. let us know so we can add it to this list.