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Add to cart button doesn't do ajax call


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    Arturo started the conversation

    Hi there, 

    Most of the pages for buy something by a catalog are configurated with ajax call, so the customers can add them products easily and with confidence.  If I redirect to the customer again and again after add products to the initial page, the navigation expecience in the page couldn't be confortable. Maybe they could think that is an insecure page. 

    This feature has a lot of importance to sell virtual products. Will you guys add this feature to your roadmap seriously?

    Or you think that is unnecessary do this for a plugin to sell virtual products?

    I talked about this with you guys in May. 

    How long would take you guys do this job? 

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    Max replied

    Yes, we have developped this feature and we should release it by the next week. see screenshot: https://d.pr/i/MxGTzJ


    Max from the Sonaar.io Crew

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    Arturo replied

    Hi Max, I am really happy that you guys development this feature. Thanks to you all guys.