How to import theme demos

There are 2 ways to import the demo on your website. If option 1 does not work, try option 2.

OPTION 1: ONE-CLICK INSTALL --------------------------------------

  1. Make sure the theme is installed. 
  2. Go to WP-Admin > Appearance > Install Plugins. Install and activate all the required plugins.
  3. Go to WP-Admin > Tools > Demo Content Install. Choose your favourite demo and install it. It should take 3 to 10 minutes.

If you don't see the "Demo Content Install" under "Tools", go to Option 2: Manual Install below.

Here's some issue you might face when importing the demo:

1) Error message: Important: You need to activate zip extension.

This message might show up when you go to Tools > Demo Content Install ( http://d.pr/i/Mm93 )

If it's your case, it means that Zip extension is not enabled on your server. To enable it,

- Go to your CPanel > Select PHP Version and check ZIP. See Screenshot: http://d.pr/i/Nf7L

- If you don't have access to your CPanel, please contact your web host so he can enable Zip Extension. 

2) Error message: Timed Out If you have a Timed Out message when you are importing the demo it means that your max_execution_time is set only to 30 seconds or so. Our demo's data is big and the import process while takes more than 30 seconds. It's why you see a timed out message.

- To raise the time a script is allowed to run, go to your CPanel > Select PHP Version > Switch to PHP Option (http://d.pr/i/Z6ev)

- Then check for max_execution_time and change the setting for 30 then click Apply and Save (http://d.pr/i/QXG2)

- If you don't have access to your CPanel or you still receive a timed out message, please contact your web host so he can set your max_execution_time to 600. 

- If above steps doesn't work, see OPTION 2 below.

OPTION 2: MANUAL INSTALL -----------------------------------

If option 1 doesn't work or you have a problem such as Timed Out issues, or Internal Error 500, etc, please install the demo manually. We have set up a  video tutorial to learn how to install it manually. See video below.

Remark: The files required to install the demo's content are provided by our support team. Please have a chat with us at https://sonaar.io or open a support ticket here.

Step 01: Install the required plugins: 00:26

Step 02: Import the demo's content XML: 01:11

Step 03: Create and assign a menu: 03:30

Step 04: Tell WordPress which page is your homepage: 04:32

Step 05: Import Revolution Slider and Banners: 05:03

Step 06: Import Essential Grids: 05:56

Step 07: Import the Theme Options: 06:37

Step 08: Import the Music Player Options: 07:52

You can always open a support ticket at https://support.sonaar.io if you have any issues. We are here to help.