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10 Articles MP3 Audio Player Plugin

How to use the MP3 Audio Player Plugin + Shortcodes

PODCAST: How to setup your first podcast player

PODCAST: Automatically fetch/import new episodes based on your Podcast RSS Feed

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11 Articles Get Started with the Theme

How to import theme demos

How to activate the child theme ?

How to setup playlist section or add MP3 and audio files

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10 Articles Troubleshooting the Theme

I can't activate a plugin. Where is the license key ? Is it included with your theme ?

When installing the theme it says "Are you sure you want to do this ? / the link you followed has expired"

Facebook display an unwanted preview of my image and text.

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22 Articles General Help on the Theme

How the back-end of your themes look like ?

How do I update my theme ?

How do I update the plugins ?

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4 Articles Podcast Help on the Theme

How to import your podcast from a RSS Feed

Automatically fetch/import new episodes on your website from your existing Podcast hosting

How to use my own YouTube channel in the grid

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