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  • Andrea started the conversation


    I am using your Sonaar theme. 

    1.We notice that the site is blurry. Do you know what is causing the slider and elements all to look this way. How do we fix this? 

    2. We injected to the video landing page to go to our home page but there a a few issues. When moving to another page and navigating back to the homepage  on the navigation it takes you back to the video landing page not the home page on site enter. How do we inject the video landing page to work only once coming to the site.

    3. Also the music player doesn't work after entering from the  video landing page to the homepage.

    4. Where do we change the colour of the page loading spinner?

    5. When page loads it goes bright white .. how do we change that colour to black as its distracting.

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    Max replied

    Hello Andrea,

    I cannot access to your site http://livefromeastvillage.com

    Could you please give me an access to your wp-admin as well ? This will help me to figure out all your issues.


    Max from the Sonaar.io Crew