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Bands in Town usage


  • Gwen Richardson started the conversation

    Hi again,

    I am not familiar with this integration but can see from your template page it looks as if the script is being generated from a combination of a webserver and plugin.

    Do I need to set up an artist page within Bands In Town, add the wordpress plugin and then go and add all the artist events into the Bands in Town artist page?

    Or vice versa. Since I have already added all the events on my website. But I would like to integrate what we have onto our FB and Twitter social accounts.

    And is this limited to just one artist?



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    Max replied

    Hi there,

    If you want to use bandsintown, you will have to create a bandsintown account and embed your bandsintown listing into your page. To do it, go here: http://docs.bandsintown.com/artist_platform/tour_dates_widget

    and copy past the code into your text editor on the page you want.

    Here is a final display of the Bandsintown code into our page: https://demo.sonaar.io/skullz/events-bandsintown/

    You dont need any special plugin for this.

    Please note that you cannot import the event that you already have on your website INTO bandsintown.




    Max from the Sonaar.io Crew