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  • Kip started the conversation

    Hi there, 

    I have a question about the theme before i purchase it. 

    Can i connect my music from platforms like soundcloud or bandcamp to stream via the music player. I currently have the corma theme and the only let down was no playlist and now streaming. It's the only thing holding me back from using the player, streaming counts are everything in music right now. 

    Look forward to your feed back. 

    Let me know. 

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    Maxime replied

    Hi there!

    to use our custom MP3 player, only MP3 files are accepted. Since SoundCloud/BandCamp streams the music with their own API, it wont work (as any other wordpress theme). You can embed soundcloud/bandcamp music player on any pages of your site, but the look and feel of the player will be the embedded player and not our custom player with the soundwave etc..

    If you have other questions, feel free to have a chat with us at https://sonaar.io its often faster to get a reply from us.



    Maxime from the Sonaar.io Crew