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  • Soni started the conversation

    Hi There ,

    I have received a plug in update for WPBakery Page Builder that i purchased with the Sonaar theme. I cannot up date it without being promoted to purchase a separate license.  Please advise if this is the case?

    Kind regards


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    Maxime replied

    Hello Soni!

    Sometimes, plugins will ask you to enter a Licence Key or API Key. Well, you don't need a licence key or API key to activate it. The plugin will still work even if you don't have that licence key.

    The licence key or API key is only used for automatic updates offered by the plugin authors and is available if you purchase the plugin for yourself at codecanyon.net

    Since we include the plugin directly (for free) into our theme, we made sure the plugin is 100% compatible with the theme. If you decide to purchase the plugin license for yourself and update the plugin, the theme might break. We release plugin updates within our theme updates on a regular basis so the next update of wpbakery will be sent over soon.

    Hope it helps,


    Maxime from the Sonaar.io Crew

  • Soni replied

    Hello Maxime,

    Thank you for the up date and I will keep this in mind.

    cheers for the great template, i am still working on it,  

    Just one question how can I publish the pages that are ready for example About us, and the SHOP while i work on the other pages like media and Artist.

    Thank you


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    Maxime replied


    Perhaps you can set the status of your page you are working on in draft so only administrator will have access to it. You will have to remove it from your menu as well.

    Hope it helps 


    Maxime from the Sonaar.io Crew