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Player on third part's sites


  • Vinci started the conversation

    Hi, today I have two question:

    1.It is possible to include (as short code) our podcast into another site? For example some our sponsor would have some our podcast(music play list) on their site, it's possible?

    2.Our theme (yours) does provide some advertising managment? Banners or similar?

    Thank you so much.


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    Max replied

    Hi Vinci,

    1. Unfortunately, you cannot embed a media hosted on your wordpress site on another website.

    2. We dont have any advertising tools im afraid, but I recommend you use third party plugins for this. There is a lot of plugins available for banners/ads management. Im not quiet familiar with these tools but they exists.

    Do you have additional questions?


    Max from the Sonaar.io Crew

  • Vinci replied

    Yes. In first thank you for you availability ;).

    I would like to create a music player that contain our podcasts and this is ok, I think I will add mp3 podcast's file as single trace into music player. 

    So I like to insert into my home page this music player and this would start automaticaly. Can I create a music player like podcast player (only one block with play button)? 


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    Alexandre replied

    Hi Vinci, 

    For now, it is not possible without customization but we will developpe this feature soon.

    But it is possible the launch a pod castplayer  through a elementor button.
    See here https://d.pr/i/FG87NJ


    Alexandre from the Sonaar.io Crew