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Sticky Player & Auto play


  • Gaz started the conversation


    Is there a way of changing the color of the sticky player. Mine has white elements and it is not visible on my predominantly white website background.

    Also, I purchased Pro for the purpose of wanting my playlist/player to auto-start whenever the webpage is loaded. This doesn't seem to happen (or I can't find the setting to enable it) - and I find that the player has to be manually started on the page. 

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    Max replied

    Hello Gaz,

    Yes absolutely! Please go to wp-admin > MP3 Player > Settings and you will see all the options to change sticky player colors. see screenshot: https://d.pr/i/iGuYH1

    For auto-play audio when your page loads are now banned by most desktop and mobile browsers including Chrome and Safari. This is what we call an "Auto-Play Policy". To play audio in a web browser, the user has to interact with the page before audio can play. Interactions are something like clicking a menu, a button, scroll down the page, etc.

    The closest thing you can do is to automatically fire the sticky footer player when the page load and then, users will have to click play. To do it, edit your page and select your playlist in the Music dropdown. See screenshot: https://d.pr/i/ouq7Ay

    You can read more about the Chrome browser policy here: https://www.theoplayer.com/blog/chrome-autoplay-policy-what-you-need-to-know


    Max from the Sonaar.io Crew

  • Gaz replied

    Thanks Max, that's been a really great help! It's now doing what I wanted it to do albeit whilst abiding by the auto-play policy. Can see the sticky player well now after also changing the colors.
    I can now say that it's been well worth the upgrade.


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    Max replied

    You are welcome! 


    Max from the Sonaar.io Crew

  • Gaz replied

    Hi Max, 

    I have realised that the sticky player appears to work on cookies,. I cleared my cookies/cache and the sticky player came up blank and was unplayable when I visited my site normally (not logged into Wordpress admin). It wasn't until I had to go into my post (where the sonaar 'Elementor widget' is) and start a track, that the sticky player populated and played.

    As stated, I have my playlist set up as a widget in Elementor - so it's kind of a curated playlist of tracks in that widget and not a standalone post which has been set up in Wordpress as a standard sonaar playlist. I am wondering if that poses the problem here?

    I have named the widget playlist in Elementor but I can't find a way to choose it in my homepage page settings on the right hand side menu i.e. outside of Elementor.

    In the Sonaar menu - MP3 Player > Audio Player General Settings, I have ticked the boxes for Post, Page and Playlist. Not sure if that's going to make any difference though?

    I have attached a screenshot of the Sticky Player settings. It does not display the exact name of my Elementor widget playlist, but has an option of 'current post tracklist'. My tracklist (as stated) in the widget in elementor is on a post page so not sure if that's what it is indicating?

    I did choose that current post playlist on my homepage settings, but as stated, the sticky player was blank and unplayable.

    Run out of ideas to my knowledge of how to get this sticky player to populate when anyone lands on my homepage. 

    You explained to me that the player cannot auto-start and that is understood, but it would be good to have the sticky player cued and ready with an initial track from the playlist and not just blank until someone might happen to visit the page where my widget is on to then start the player and activate the sticky player.

    I look forward to your reply with assistance.

    Thanks, Gaz

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