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  • Rob started the conversation

    Hey i'm struggling to change the URL of the Donate button in the Donate page on Sonaar theme, as well as change the image behind the Donate page (it doesn't appear to be the background image as normal, its something else).
    To try change the Donate button link, I've followed the directions from a ticket
    on here from someone else last year, you advised the user to go: WP-Admin >  Theme Options > Menu Options and they'd see hotlinks if they scroll down?

    However all I have on this page are:
    - Menu Type
    - Choose Elementor header template you want to use as your site header
    - Transparent header when over content

    There is nothing saying hotlinks.

    I've been searching all around for a way to change the edit the link that the donate button directs to, even in the elementor under the HTML code there is no link to edit within there, only for the .gifs, please help!
    I've also been searching everywhere to change the background image on this theme page, I've selected the edit page, but its not the image background option on the right, so I'm not sure where the page is bringing the image of the guy from.

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    Max replied


    To learn more on headers, menu, mobile menu editing with Elementor, see this article https://sonaar.ticksy.com/article/16966


    Max from the Sonaar.io Crew

  • Michael Johnson replied


    I found this helpful for creating your Paypal button. 

    Login to your Paypal account then select the settings wheel, then select "Seller Tools". Then select "Manage" Paypal Button. Then click Donate or whichever button you desire to create. Then go through the step by step navigation guide to set-up your button's features. At the end you'll be given the option to generate a code/button. From there you'll be sent to a page where it displays your button as a link and HTML code. Scroll down and copy the HTML code. 

    Lastly back on your website within the "Donate" page while editing with Elementor. Simply delete the HTML Code that's currently there and paste your current code there. If you want your button to be centered then paste your code between the Div tags.

    <div class="form" style="text-align: center;">

    (Paste New Code Between Here To Center)