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The player is not displayed on the tablet


  • Ed Solovey started the conversation

    Hello. MP3 Music Player by Sonaar displays well and works on a computer and smartphone, but does not display on a tablet. I tested it on ipad 3. In responsive Web Testing Tool, it works well but doesn't work on a real tablet. What could this be related to and can you help solve this problem?

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    Max replied

    I cant seem to be able to reproduce your issue on both of my iPad 3 and iPad mini 5

    Perhaps make sure to clear your browser cache.


    Max from the Sonaar.io Crew

  • Ed Solovey replied

    I cleared cache, cookies, and history in Safari and Google Chrome on iPad 3.No results. The player did not appear. What else could be the reason? Is the player displayed well on your iPad?

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    Alexandre replied

    Hello Ed, 

    I realize you are using the free plugin version from wordpress.org. 
    This platform here is only for customers who has purchased the pro license. 
    You can ask for help to https://wordpress.org/support/plugin/mp3-music-player-by-sonaar/
    But the support you will received there is slower than the support from here.

    Maybe you should consider to use our pro version 
    The pro version has many more features and purchase it is also a good way to help us to improve our product. 


    Alexandre from the Sonaar.io Crew