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  • Avant Garde started the conversation

    Hello, i already activate the product and when i try to get the demo content i got a "no permission acess" on the next page, can you help me ?
    PS : The demo import tutorial on demo section is too old, is not the same.

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    Alexandre replied


    Please try to import the demo manually.

    Here is the file for the theme demo : https://d.pr/f/Zh45SM

    To import a theme demo manually, upload (by FTP or Filemanager) demo.zip in folder /wp-content/uploads/fw-backup (create fw-backup if it does not exist), then go to WP-Admin > Tools > Backup, select the file you have uploaded and click restore
    This will completely replace/overwrite your existing website with the theme demo. It's the best way to get started.

    Please let me know how it goes.


    Alexandre from the Sonaar.io Crew