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  • Amanda Davis started the conversation

    I have a couple questions:

    1) Is there a way to reset the settings and start over for the desktop and mobile menu

    2) The logo isn't at the center of the page on the navigation header. How can we fix that? It is centered in the middle of the navigation items (page names) but it should also be in align with the center point of the page. How do we fix that?

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    Alexandre replied

    1)No you cant reset only the menu settings.

    2)This is how the centered logo feature is developed. You have to balance each menu side by your self. 

    You can change some menu items name. If you rename "home" by "homepage" and "Meet the team" by "team", you have something very balanced. 

    You can also go to wp-admin>theme options>custom css/js
    And add this code in the custom css field to adjust the menu position:

    .classic-menu:not(.responsive) #menu-main-menu{


    Alexandre from the Sonaar.io Crew