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license key invalid and cannot edit homepage in elementor


  • Charlie Dolinger started the conversation


    I am having trouble editing my home page with elementor. It loads the homepage in elementor, but never loads the side panels to edit blocks and never gives me the update button to save anything.

    I am also getting these issues on my dashboard:

    Make sure to enter your license key in Theme Options > Dashboard. The license key used is currently empty, expired or invalid.
    Oops. We’ve found a minor issue. There is a problem with the Demo Importer. The license key used is currently empty, expired or invalid: Make sure to enter your license key in Theme Options > Dashboard.

    When I enter my license key, it tells me it is invalid. I purchased the Sonaar Apex Theme in 2018 and the license key I have is: License Key – Apex Theme (Sonaar) c0144626-1b5b-49f7-b25d-005ca3572bb7

    Thanks very much!
    Charlie Dolinger

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    Alexandre replied

    Hello Charlie,

    Your license key is 4cef407364c3cc3955d3f3fff167b448
    Please go to wp-admin>theme options>dashboard
    And insert your license key.

    Disable Iron-demo-importer plugin. You only need this plugin to import a theme demo.
    Update Sonaar theme and Elementor Addons for sonaar plugin.

    If the issue persists please provide a login credential to the wp-admin


    Alexandre from the Sonaar.io Crew

  • Charlie Dolinger replied

    Hi Alexandre,

    THANK YOU for your prompt reply!!! You guys are the best! 

    I successfully added and validated the license key.

    I disabled the Iron-demo-importer plugin, and updated Sonaar theme, but can't find where to update the Elementor Addons for sonaar plugin. Could you tell me where to find that Elementor addon update?

    Also there is a window showing a required database update:

             Database Upgrade Required: Thank you for updating to Advanced Custom Fields PRO v5.9.5! This version contains improvements to your database and requires an upgrade.

    Do I need to do this?

    Thanks so much!


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    Alexandre replied


    Once the theme is up to date please go to wp-admin>plugins and you will see if the plugin has to be updated too. 

    Yes update the Database


    Alexandre from the Sonaar.io Crew