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Random article image pops up on top of site


  • josip started the conversation

    NEVERMIND FIXED IT - Accidently added it as a featured image!

    Hi guys, 
    For some reason I have a random image appearing on top of my website that wasn't doing it before. I undid a lot of things to see what I did to cause it but it's still  there. It's not in elementor, I can't select it when editing the page or header....
    See here: 

    For now I'm using 

    #post-3050 > img:first-of-type { display: none !important; } to fix it. 

    So when you view the website it's not there but it's under the surface if you look through the top elements under the header... 

    It appears on my mobile even with my code edit but i cant get that to show on a desktop mobile version of the browser. 

    You can see it's being treated as an article, so somehow the post type is being put up there. 
    Any suggestions?