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Cron Scheduler Issues


  • Gabrielle started the conversation

    Hello. We’ve been having issues with our podcast RSS feed and cron scheduler. The cover images for our episodes seem to be duplicating (rather than posting then new episode image) when pulled in from Buzzsprout. I’ve contacted Buzzsprout and Bluehost and they have both said it’s an issue with the template or the cron scheduler plug-in. 

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    Max replied

    Hello Gabrielle,

    If I check your RSS feed, you have multiple episode that contains the exact same image filename. While the full path is different, the filename is the same.  See screenshot: https://d.pr/i/3q18K7

    When we import assets in WordPress, the image filename must be different otherwise WordPress thinks its the same image and wont import it. So make sure you use different image filename for each of your episode.

    You might want to talk to Buzzsprout about this issue.


    Max from the Sonaar.io Crew

  • Gabrielle replied


    Please understand something....we ARE NOT INPUTTING IMAGES WITH THE SAME NAME!!!! We're intelligent individuals, who do not need you to indicate that we are otherwise. We're tired of hearing you tell us this. We have spoken with both our podcast hosting service and website provider. The problem is on YOUR END!!! LISTEN we paid you to for the template and tech support. What we get from you IS NOTHING over and over again. This is the third or fourth time we have opened a ticket and you seem to keep telling us the same thing. We need this fixed. DO NOT tell us to go back to Buzzsprout or Bluehost, we've spoken with separate tech support professionals with both companies. They have done their due diligence and come back with the same conclusion...the problem resides with the cron scheduler plugin in the Podcastr template. Now what we would like from you is the FIX, not more explanations on how it's not you it's us. Look forward to your solution, which we know will be an actual solution that allows our website to actually work as it's supposed to

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    Max replied

    Hello Gabrielle,

    Im truly sorry for the inconvenience. Perhaps I have miss-explained the issue. I never said you were inputting yourself the same image names.

    I said that your RSS Feed contains duplicated image file names (just check your RSS feed and you will see them!)

    Perhaps Buzzsrout converts your episode filenames when they generate the RSS.... but at the end, there are some duplicated image file names in your RSS feed.

    The RSS feed is generated from Buzzsprout directly so only Buzzsprout can do something about this (making sure the image files names in their RSS feed are all unique).

    Here, we only read the RSS feed and import the data we see in the RSS feed, nothing else.


    Max from the Sonaar.io Crew