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Missing/Buggy Options


  • Kenny started the conversation


    Looking for direction on what code to use or where to find the code, so that I can tweak/adjust the duration that appears above the play control?  I believe this is adjustable in the Boxed and Floated layouts, but those options are not available in the Button layout.

    What I am looking for is,
    #1 - adjust the font, size, and spacing
    #2 - turn it off   * (may have workaround for this)

    Perhaps there is a way to use the ACF stuff and create a way to display publish date, publish time, and duration in a cooler way?  I have never used the ACF functions, and perhaps I should not even be talking about it.  

    *   I found a way to adjust the font style and also turn it off.  I am sure this is NOT how it is suppose to work.

    If I change the player to Boxed layout, I am given the META options.  If I turn it off under Boxed and then switch back to Button layout, it remains off.  I can also change the styling and typography.  Only thing that did not work using this method was if I turned on the "show date in mini-player".  The "show date in mini-player" disappears when I switch back to Button mode.

    So I guess I have a way to turn it off and perhaps adjust the font styling.  But I don't think that is the way I should go about this.  Maybe there is a way to just copy the META code from the Boxed style of the widget, and apply it to the Button style.  Then it could just be turned on and off and adjusted from within the theme/template.


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    Max replied

    Hi Kenny,

    To turn it off, go to WP-Admin > MP3 Player > Settings > Widget Player and disable this option: https://d.pr/i/YNPj3N

    You can also disable it from Elementor: https://d.pr/i/fxRxdN

    The metadata Playlist Duration is not supposed to be there when using the Button mode.

    We will make sure to fix the bug and not show the metadata when button is selected in a next update.


    Max from the Sonaar.io Crew

  • Kenny replied

    Thanks Max.

    If I turn the option off in the plugin, I found that I am unable to use it at all on other pages, and that option is not available when using the Button layout.  I was able to pull it out for that page by negating the css.

    You will probably want to add options for controlling CTA on the Button layout as well in your next update.  It also is uncontrolled and requires not using CTA or dropping in CSS code  (attached screenshot).

    I am finding that there is a mix match of options in each of the layouts (Floated, Boxed, Button, Shortcode, TS Shortcode). They each can do something I want, but they each lack one thing or another and it makes me have to dive into the code, to find ways to manipulate them.

    It would be nice, at least from a plugin stand point, if all the basic options and meta options were available to be turned on and off, and also had complete typography, color, and shadowing options for each of the layouts.  The options have all been built already, they are just mixed in the various layouts.  If I was proficient enough, I would jump in and help make this happen.  Who knows, I may dive in and try. ;)

    I appreciate all your hard work and support Max.  Thank you!

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    Max replied


    The CTA button should NOT be present when using the button layout. This will be fixed in the next plugin update.


    Max from the Sonaar.io Crew