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Stop when episode ends...


  • Kenny started the conversation

    Hello Team,

    I need assistance again...

    It appears that no matter what options I change, I am unable to make a track/episode stop at the end of play.  It continues to loop.  If I organize my tracks into the same category, then instead of looping the first track it continues on to the next track in the category, THEN when its done playing the last track it loops back to the first track.

    The options for "Do not loop episodes list" and "Do not skip to the next episode" are failing me.  I found that these options are available to be selected in the Episode options, in the MP3 Player plugin settings (pro version), in the Theme Options  (castropress theme), on the widget options within Elementor, and also can be set within the shortcode options.

    But no matter how I try, I can not make the player stop playing and stop looping.

    Can I please get the magic config recipe that will allow these functions to work?

    Thank you for your assistance!!

  • Kenny replied

    I need to correct a statement I made.  Those options are NOT available in the theme options.  I have been back and forth between the plugin and the theme settings, so many times trying to figure this out, and also trying to make continues play (ajax) function properly, that I got confused.  I apologize.

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    Max replied

    Could you please provide me access to your wp-admin and I will gladly check the issue you have.


    Max from the Sonaar.io Crew

  • Kenny replied

    Hi Max,

    I will be rolling in a new theme/framework (Hello Elementor... a direction you gave on another ticket).  Let me see if perhaps that solves the problem.  If not, I will reach back out, and let you dig around in the site.

    Thanks again.