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Bulk playlist uploads or creation


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    Tyler started the conversation

    I am having trouble 'bulk creating' playlists. I need to make about 100 and it would take too long to do manually; I have a spreadsheet with all the info I need.

    I have 'manually' created a playlist I really like with all the functions I want. The playlist files play from Amazon S3, have a download button for a watermarked S3 preview, and there is a 'buy' button to link to a woo-commerce page for each track that adds it to the cart. I can do this great in the builder. With shortcode I can build a very similar playlist - but it does not allow these call to action demo/buy buttons on each track + in sticky player as far as I can tell. For the life of me - I cannot figure out how to transform my spreadsheet with all the track/price info into lots of playlists in your database.

    1) Is it possible to recreate the above type of playlist with shortcode including the call to action integration?

    2) If not - how do I do it directly in the backend database? I have tried to recreate your literal entries so far and have been unsuccessful due to strange structure with a:8 s:11 etc structures - these are for tracking maybe?

    3) Any other ideas for bulk playlist creation using off-site tracks hosted on S3? Your bulk creation tool only seems relevant to local mp3?

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    Alexandre replied

    Hello Tyler, 

    1) No the call to action cant be created through a shortcode parameter. 

    2) I cant help to create playlist directly through the database. Unfortunately this is a bit beyond the scope of our support.  

    3) It looks like you need a custom solution. MP3 Player has a tool to create playlists from media library MP3 files but this is not really helful for your needs.


    Alexandre from the Sonaar.io Crew

  • Adrian replied

    Stumbled across this and noticed I am trying to use Sonaar pro for the same purpose. I think the plugins great and the best out there but I'm wondering if you could advise on what stack / config we should be considering instead?

    Also.. Tyler it sounds like we are on the same mission. Would you be interested in connecting to share our iodeas

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    Max replied


    Could you please elaborate on what you refer by stack/config to be considered? I don't understand what you refer to ?


    Max from the Sonaar.io Crew