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Improvements for the next version


  • Jose Maria Garcia started the conversation


    I just bought your plugin to implement a podcast player on my website.

    I am happy with the plugin, but I am missing 3 features that I am telling you about and that I would like to ask you to implement in a future version:

    1- In the DIV box that is opened to show the description of the episodes, you can insert a bit of HTML code, for example I have managed to add an image in the description, but it does not allow you to enter more advanced HTML or shortcodes that allow, for example, embed a PDF document, which would be great to be able to accompany the podcast episode, for example with the transcript of the episode or other additional information about it. When I'm editing the episode in WordPress, when I'm filling in the description text box, it does allow me to put in advanced HTML, but when I save the episode post, the HTML code magically disappears from the text box or the shortcode then appears literally in the podcast player as code, without being interpreted. It would be great if you allow this text box, the episode description text box, to allow advanced HTML or to allow shortcodes to be entered that are then interpreted correctly, so you could, for example, include a video in the podcast description or a PDF document, which would be great. As once an episode of the podcast is imported into WordPress it is no longer imported from the podcast hosting provider, then there would be no problem that this information could be deleted.

    In other words, that the DIV of the episode description that is displayed in the podcast player works as a WordPress mini post or mini page, allowing the use of advanced HTML or shortcodes that allow the introduction of advanced controls such as YouTube videos or the use of plugins from third parties that allow, for example, embedding a PDF document from Google Drive. Seriously, this would be fantastic and I would be willing to pay for that development.

    2- It would be great if you allow searching for episodes with a text in a search box. Imagine the following scenario: I have a podcast of 500 episodes about tourism, the user can go crazy looking at the description one by one of the episodes to see if he might be interested in playing it. Instead, if a text box is enabled to search for text in podcast episode titles and descriptions, that would be great and the user would be able to quickly find the episodes he is interested in and play them.

    3- It would also be great if a control or button is enabled in the podcast player that allows the user to change the order of the episode list: if he is a recurring user, he will want to listen to the new episodes and the list should be displayed in descending order (the last chapters should appear first). However, if he is a new user, he will want to listen to the podcast from the beginning, so he will want to sort it in ascending order (oldest chapters will be shown first).

    I encourage you to implement these improvements in future versions and to make your podcast player one of the most complete, which would undoubtedly make it one of the best on the Internet.


    Jose Maria

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    Max replied

    Hello Jose,

    Thanks for reaching us and for your wonderful input.

    You will be happy to hear that we are already working on 2 of your features and are currently in beta.

    1) HTML Wysiwyg editor in the lightbox: In  the next plugin update, we have added permission to upload image in the track description. However, for shortcodes we don't allow it at this time because of security issues since our content is loaded via AJAX.

    2) search with a text box: This is a big feature that gonna be released in the next plugin update.

    3) changing episode orders and columns support:  This also gonna be a feature released in the next plugin update!

    Stay tuned!


    Max from the Sonaar.io Crew