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Title typography "News 3 Column"


  • Christian started the conversation

    Hi Sonnar-team,

    I´ve some problems with the essential grid in the recording studio theme.

    In the appendix you can see the essential grid "news-3-column" template. I want to edit the font for the title. It don't works. I edited the title font to times new roman italic (as example). But it don't changes.

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    Alexandre replied

    Hi Christian, 

    I presume you have edited the "News skin 1" to change the font title. 
    Please go back there, to the skin editor. 
    Select the title element (see here)
    Click on the "Link/seo" tab
    And change the "h2" tag to a "div" tag. (see here)


    Alexandre from the Sonaar.io Crew