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template rebirth


  • marcoburani started the conversation

    hi I have a new domain and a webspace with domain

    I would like to buy from you, to completely install a template  for sell loop music , ghost music ,template or other, I like your rebirth template


    but i saw that it asks for other additional packages to make it work like the pro plugin mp3  and more (Elementor Pro & MP3 Audio Player Pro are required)

    what is the complete package?  to buy everything together what I need to make this template or another one of yours work without having other price surprises

    What can I buy to have it all together? in your template package, I noticed that this template is not there

    Thanks for your generous help

    I just want to find a faster way to install a template and refine the site to start making music to sell

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    Max replied


    You need to buy from us:

    - MP3 Audio Player Pro (Business plan or higher) available here.
    - Rebirth Template Kit available here
    - Elementor Pro which is the pro version of Elementor page Builder. Available here

    You can also purchase our theme installation service if you want us to set you up with everything exactly like your see on our Rebirth Template. The installation service can be purchased here


    Max from the Sonaar.io Crew