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  • emedia started the conversation

    I bought Your theme for ajax continues audio playing , I discoverd that it is the best solution for that after trying many other ways , 


    fade transition on loading pages takes some time more than usaual as the other solutions , and that too annoying and gives a feel like that the site is a bit slower and its not with the other theme that have les time transition , like kentha theme for example,

     for me your theme is better than it except this problem


    is there any way to control the time of transition or disable it?
    any code snippest or from the core of the theme?

    any guid or tips for that will be appreciated

    please this issue prevent me from using the theme which i prefer to not do it



    never mind i did it :)  thanks a lot

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    Max replied


    there is no option or easy way to change the time duration of the transition.

    The only possible way is to modify the file wp-content/themes/sonaar/dist/js/sonaar.scripts.min.js and change this:  https://drops.sonaar.io/i/bqbaav (duration:800) which means 0.8seconds,

    for duration:100 (which means 0.1 seconds).

    Please note that if you modify this, you will have to redo the modification everytime you update the theme because your change will be overwritten by the update


    Max from the Sonaar.io Crew

  • emedia replied

    Thank You very much