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What updates are planned?


  • Roman started the conversation

    Hello. Thank you for your audio player.

    I want to hire a developer to improve some elements of the online store.

    I would like to know if these updates are planned in your roadmap or not?

    In the audio sorter, I am missing the following options that woocomerce itself has
    1. Displaying the discount on the button.
    2. Displaying a discount on a product (ribon - sale)
    3. Deleting the product after the purchase (now it remains in the sorting of the online store)
    4. Loading goods not only by the site administrator, but by users.

    Are these updates planned?

    Are there any other updates planned for the online store?

    Your updates may be a secret, but I want to understand what is planned so I won't be able to update the plugin.

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    Max replied


    Those features are not planned at this time im afraid.

    On my end, I tagged this ticket as a feature request so that our development team can consider this option, but this doesn't guarantee that Sonaar will indeed implement this feature. The more users requests those features, the more priority we will add to those tasks.

    I apologize for not providing you with this particular feature at the moment.


    Max from the Sonaar.io Crew