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Code for EXAMPLE 004


  • Klaus Grüninger started the conversation

    Update - I think i found the fitting source in your docs

    Hi,  you have an example  example d004 on  https://sonaar.io/mp3-audio-player-pro/music-player-for-wordpress/examples/

    which shows a simple player.

    I didn't got it, to do this in my wp site :)

    Have you an example in your Code-Snippets which shows a simple player with one track?

    Tx for help.

    [sonaar_ts post_id="55" button="true" play_icon="true" text="Play Episode" color="#fff" background_color="#000" font-size="32px" block="true"]

    // add a very simple 'Play Episode' button with a play icon. It will play the playlist id #55 in the sticky player

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    Max replied


    Let me know if you have additional questions


    Max from the Sonaar.io Crew

  • Klaus Grüninger replied

    On more question:
    If I like your example "EXAMPLE 010" 

    How can I get the widget code, as base for my develoement.

    P.e. I dont get it up to set the color of the track-list text set in creating shortcode manually.

    Using the plugin, the settings on a wordpress site can be set fine - there is no problem - all works easy :)
    But I'm not able to get the widget code build als I like - hm. 

    Tx for a hint

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    Max replied


    the templates are built with Elementor Page Builder. It's much more easy to customize the player as you wish with Elementor + we have those templates available to import.

    If you use shortcode, the example 010, you can use something similar like:

    [sonaar_audioplayer albums="5357" hide_artwork="true" show_control_on_hover="false" show_playlist="true" hide_timeline="true" sticky_player="1" player_layout="skin_float_tracklist" cta_track_show_label="true" show_track_market="true" track_artwork_format="thumbnail" track_artwork="true" artist_wrap="true" scrollbar="true" tracklist_layout="list"]

    replace 5357 by your album ID in the albums attribute.

    Learn more about our shortcode attributes here: https://sonaar.io/docs/add-audio-player-with-shortcode/


    Max from the Sonaar.io Crew