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A few functionality questions


  • Kyle started the conversation

    The URL requires being logged in, but I will send a login if needed. 

    Here are my current questions:

    1. Is there an option I am missing to allow a single song to repeat? This is such a normal feature we forgot to even look for it when searching for playback plugins. We assumed it had this since it had other less common items such as playback speed that we were looking for. Please direct me to how this can be turned on or if any code needs to be added to enable it. 
    2. We are struggling with the store feature. It's very clear as to how it can be used to send someone to SoundCloud or another music purchasing site to get the song, however we would like to just enable a simple download of the file. I tried setting the Action to Download and then putting the direct URL of the file, but it instead opens the file in a new tab and on some browsers (safari) there is not a download option like in chrome. How can we make it so the file automatically downloads and not opens in a new tab?
    3. Is there a bulk music upload option? Adding 1 track at a time seems far more difficult than it should be. Am I missing something?
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    Max replied

    Hi Kyle,

    1) If your playlist contains only 1 track, it will repeat. If a playlist contains multiple tracks, we don't have a feature to allow the user to repeat only 1 track because its on a playlist mode. So the trick is to have only 1 track pre playlist if you want to repeat it.

    2) Have you tried this setting: https://drops.sonaar.io/i/DOkzX1 ? Tell me if it works.

    3) Yes, go to wp-admin > MP3 Player > Tools > MP3 Bulk Importer


    Max from the Sonaar.io Crew

  • Kyle replied

    1) Is there anything we can do to add this feature? Do you offer custom development? We will likely switch plugins if not. 

    2) I enabled this but am not seeing any change on the player itself. I have attached an image. 

    3) Perfect thanks!

    Attached files:  player.jpg

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    Max replied

    Hello Kyle,

    1)  This feature is not possible with Sonaar at the moment. On my end, I tagged this ticket as a feature request so that our development team can consider this option, but this doesn't guarantee that Sonaar will indeed implement this feature. We prioritize all our development based on most popular user requests. If other users ask for this feature, we will add it to our roadmap for sure but you are the only one who requested.

    However, It's a feature we could bump up and implement much faster if you would like to pay for custom development. We charge $80/hours and we estimate around 8 hours of development. Since its something we could reuse in our plugin, we ask to pay half-price. This is something we could start developing next week.

    2) Can you provide me a page URL where I can see your player? I cant locate any player on the link provided: https://fiddleschool.com/courses/texas-fiddle-foundations-2/lessons/lesson-22/


    Max from the Sonaar.io Crew