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Categories in the events


  • Iker started the conversation

    I need the event categories to be taken into account in the search and filtering of events in Elementor. For example, the same group can have presentations, recordings, concerts or talks. Right now I can categorize each event CPT with a category, but when creating the lists in elementor, I can only select past events, all, or future events. But I can't choose which categories I want to appear on that list. How can I solve that? All the best.

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    Alexandre replied

    Hi Iker, 
    We cant filtering event by category through the sonaar event list. Our widget doesnt have this feature.
    You can do it if you are using the essential grid event grid(https://demo.sonaar.io/symphony-elementor/tour-grid/) but in this case you can only display upcoming events,  not past events.


    Alexandre from the Sonaar.io Crew