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My license key isn't working


  • Freddy started the conversation

    I just renewed my license key and have been trying to enter it into my Wordpress dashboard, where I've been instructed to enter it, and it is not registering the key. I am still getting errors that my license has expired and my plugins are not working as they used to.

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    Max replied

    Please make sure that you use our latest theme version. We have fixed this issue in the last theme update.  For this particular update, you will need to update your theme manually.

    Here is the changelog and details of what's included in the last theme updates: https://sonaar.io/wordpress-themes/changelog

    So if you update your theme to latest version, the issue you have will be fixed. Also, make sure all required plugins are up to date by going to wp-admin > appearance > install plugins! (very important) 

    Please read this article about how to update your theme.


    Max from the Sonaar.io Crew