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BUG: Artist name field


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    Julian started the conversation

    Hi Guys

    If I look at an old album then the 'Artist name' is displaying correctly on the front end. However, if we add a new album and insert the artist name in, then it doesn't display on the front end.

    But if I go back to an old album and edit it, then the artist name has disappeared from the 'Artist name' field, and yet it is still displaying correctly on the front end. 

    Is this a bug?

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    Julian replied

    Further to this, if I go to an album where the artist name is displaying fine on the front end, and then go to edit mode and republish it, the artist name disappears from the front end. 

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    Alexandre replied

    Hi Julian,

    Thanks to have reported this issue. 
    We have fixed it on your site. The fix will also be part of the next plugin update.


    Alexandre from the Sonaar.io Crew