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Repeated Errors when trying to install Demo Content


  • Michele started the conversation

    I've gone through the troubleshooting process of trying to get the Podcrafter demo content to install and nothing is working. I've changed the PHP max execution settings to 600 and it is still not loading. I use Bluehost for my WP hosting. The theme installed just fine. I just cannot get the demo template to load. Please help. If I have to install it manually, I will need the files and specific documentation. Thank you! Michele

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    Max replied

    Hello Michele,

    If you want, I can install it for you (id need access to your wp-admin).

    Otherwise, here is the file for the theme demo : https://drops.sonaar.io/f/Oztzae

    To import a theme demo manually, upload (by FTP or Filemanager) demo.zip in folder /wp-content/uploads/fw-backup (create fw-backup if it does not exist), then go to WP-Admin > Tools > Backup, select the file you have uploaded and click restore

    This will completely replace/overwrite your existing website with the theme demo. It's the best way to get started.


    Max from the Sonaar.io Crew