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    I'm trying to figure out the legality behind creating a music vault on my site.

    As a live streamers, I end up playing covers of the same song(s), repeatedly, and was hoping to create a space where my subs could come find, sort, filter, stream and download their favorites versions. Every time I try to sort out the licensing to cover this, I get a bit lost. I think I've found a relatively inexpensive route for licensing cover songs for streaming platforms, but I don't believe that license covers their placement on my website. I believe that would be a sync license, for which I have NOT found an inexpensive source.

    How do your other users deal with licensing?

    Anyway, this brings up some workaround questions.

    If I dump these thousands of tracks on a streaming platform, it'll be chaos. I really, REALLY need the sort/filter functions. 

    Are there any platforms that you integrate with in such a way that I could put the song's non-mp3-ending url into the plugin and it would play? I saw a page that suggested 'no', but... what about YouTube? Do all urls have to end in mp3 or can I put in a YouTube music url? Would something like that work for any other service?

    Yes, I can embed their native players, but it would be without the tag, search and sort functions that I need.

    Is there any chance that you could join forces with a distribution service, like SoundDrop or RouteNote, so that they cover and songs released through Sonaar?  Is that something on or that could be put on your horizon?

    Probably a not-as-legal-of-a-workaround question, but, can you add tags sort/filter to urls directly from something like pcloud? And also, how much trouble do you think I could potentially get into for doing it that way...?

    Let's say I just start with my own originals.  Any ideas on the best way to dump versions of my own songs? License each and every one? Skip that step, cause they're mine anyway? Some other plan?

    Ugh. I guess my overlaying questions are, if it were YOU, sitting on a veritable mountain of recordings of covers and originals, what would be your ideal path to letting fans sort through barrage to find, rate, save/playlist and download their favorite recording of each song?


    And also, thanks,


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    Max replied

    Hello Dan,

    Im very not familiar with music licensing as we are more into WordPress code development.

    We have a sort/filter/search function with our MP3 Audio Player Pro (Business Plan and higher)

    To protect your song for being copied/downloaded, read this: https://sonaar.io/docs/preventing-mp3-download-block-direct-url-file-access/


    Max from the Sonaar.io Crew