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Volume control - Horizontal


  • Jason Rampe started the conversation


    We're embedding the player via shortcode (see below).  It's a pared-down player that only has the play / pause button.  I'm trying to activate the volume slider.  I was able to get it to display but the slider shows vertically.  I'd need it to be horizontal like in the attached screenshot.  I can rotate it with CSS and place it where I want but this seems to break the slider (ie you can no longer drag the handle to adjust the volume).  Any tips for getting it to work?

    Here's the shortcode we're using...

    [sonaar_audioplayer albums="214" player_layout="skin_button" 
    play_text="Listen Live" sticky_player="false" hide_artwork="false" show_playlist="false" show_track_market="false" show_album_market="false" show_volume_bt="true" show_speed_bt="false" show_shuffle_bt="false" show_skip_bt="false" play_bt_text_color="#e3c765"][/sonaar_audioplayer]

    Thank you.

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      Screenshot 2024-03-26 at 10.19.30 AM.png

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    Max replied

    Im not really sure this is doable via CSS. 

    what is the page URL where I can see your player ?


    Max from the Sonaar.io Crew

  •   Jason Rampe replied privately
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    Max replied

    Unfortunately, its not possible to change the jQuery slider to horizontal. The slider use the jQuery librairie here https://jqueryui.com/slider/ and you might have to do custom JS and custom CSS to override it to horizontal.

    This is a bit beyond the scope of our support since the slider is not designed to be used in horizontal mode at this time.


    Max from the Sonaar.io Crew