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Can no longer install demo content with php 7.4


  • Keith Richie` started the conversation

    So it appears that with PHP 7.4 you can no longer use Demo Content Install to install the demo themes, and my hosting provider can do nothing about it, so I'm plagued with the following error message 

    Cannot create file: /nas/content/staging/<sitename>/wp-content/uploads/fw-backup/index.php

    whenever I try to install any demo content.

    From the following article:

    It says to contact support to get the files to manually install a demo.
    I'd like to get Cinematic, but honestly have each one to play with (I have an all themes lifetime license) but that seems excessive.  I like to start with the demos, because that gives me an instant reference to start building sites out with.
    Is there an easier way to get started with the themes, etc using the demo content as a reference I may have missed?

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    Max replied


    it looks a permission issue with your server where it does not allow Wordpress to create new files.

    Here is the file for the theme demo Cinematic : https://d.pr/f/P24yfg

    To import a theme demo manually, upload (by FTP or Filemanager) demo.zip in folder /wp-content/uploads/fw-backup (create fw-backup if it does not exist), then go to WP-Admin > Tools > Backup, select the file you have uploaded and click restore

    This will completely replace/overwrite your existing website with the theme demo. It's the best way to get started.


    Max from the Sonaar.io Crew

  • Keith Richie` replied

    So it looks like they even block this now.  I still get the error when it tries to create the index.php.

    Are there other ways to get the demo content installed?

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    Alexandre replied

    Hi Keith, 

    You should contact your webhost provider. 
    Just tell them, you are trying to import some content with a plugin and show them the error you have:

    "Cannot create file: /nas/content/staging/<sitename>/wp-content/uploads/fw-backup/index.php"

    I m sure they can fix this. This issue is about permissions.


    Alexandre from the Sonaar.io Crew